About Us

Cornerstone Psychology Centre - Calgary and areaOur mission is to assist clients in achieving their personal goals by providing a guiding light and a helping hand.


Welcome to Cornerstone Psychological Centre (CPC). Our motto is “Lighting your path to a brighter tomorrow”.  Our therapeutic philosophy is ” to restore Hope, inspire Dreams and empower Changes in your life’. Ultimately our clients will attain their life’s goals, sense of well-being, self awareness and stable mental health.


We believe that every person is unique and in spite of life’s challenges, disappointments and setbacks we all have the potential to achieve greatness and success. For many, counselling provides the tools to enable them to make that next step towards completing their accomplishments and goals. For others, counselling provides the catalyst to make changes to improve. CPC provides a safe, engaging and non-judgemental environment to facilitate change. Therefore, our client-centered approach shows respect for the rights and individualism of each person.


Who is counseling for?

Counselling can be rewarding for anyone.  Our work with clients maybe geared towards helping individuals with personal, relationships, family or workplace related issues.  Our goal is to support our clients to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and to achieve feeling of health and wellness in every area of their lives.

Elderly children and disabled persons can also benefit from counselling. At CPC we aim to utilize tools and approaches that are suitable for our client’s emotional, cognitive and developmental needs.

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